Email content creation

I’m on a mission to empower business owners like you get more customers, leads and clients—without having to work longer hours. I do this by planning and creating your email campaigns, uploading them into the software, and automating the schedule.

A Marketing Guide to Hiring Freelance Writers

It’s smart to consider freelance writers to not only handle the writing, editing, and proofreading, but also to get content creation off your plate entirely—so you have time to focus on the other aspects of your business.

Social Media: How to Implement Creative B2B Marketing Ideas

Everyone (who is involved in social media anyway) gets stuck with a creative block now and then. This blog post is designed to give you great ideas for B2B marketing on social media.

Your Ultimate Guide: B2B Marketing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great tool to leverage for B2B marketers. Read this blog post to learn how to market effectively on the platform.

Bare Necessities

Next time you see a bee, think of all the times they filled your belly with food. Think of what life would be like without them—think of how lifeless this place would be.

5 Reasons to Major in Environmental Studies

Throughout this post, I will be explaining an environmental major to you, while at the same telling you why you should major in it.

Is Anthropocentrism or Ecocentrism Better for the Environment?

Research has proved that anthropocentrism promotes pro-environmental behaviors just as effectively as ecocentrism.

Taking Care of Succulents

Let’s get one thing straight first: you do need to take care of your succulents. If you follow my instructions, your succulents will not only live, but they will constantly thrive with new growth. Sunlight The photo above was taken on a warm, sunny day on my porch in Dallas, TX. I mention my location … Continue reading Taking Care of Succulents

Essay Outlines Made Easy: How to Write Them

If you spend a lot of time on your outlines, you don’t have to spend as much time on your essays later. Here’s how to write the perfect outline.

Climate Anxiety to Climate Denial

Maybe one day I will be mentally strong enough to go for that law degree, or to make a difference in some other way. Maybe one day I’ll be able to at least write one decent poem about it.

Biofuels: The Myth of Carbon Neutrality

We deal with myths on a daily basis, but this myth has got to be the worst: that biofuels are carbon neutral. It’s detrimental to the world if educated environmentalists believe this myth and argue in the favor of biofuels in debates of how we should transition to being a carbon neutral society. I won’t … Continue reading Biofuels: The Myth of Carbon Neutrality

Ecocentric and Anthropocentric Environmentalism: Atwood’s Critique of Specialization

Atwood is essentially critiquing specialization, even within the realm of environmental studies.

Planting the Seeds of Connection Across Generations

Along with fostering a respect for the materials and resources in the ceramics studio, students are learning about the overlap of art and environmentalism.

Descriptive Bibliography: Canoes in the Adirondacks

Reading this bibliography, you are the paddler. You can only get so far, you can only see so much. If you want to be the loon, you’ll have to read, or better yet see, the books in person.

Thoreau’s Political Activism: The Construction of Unconventional Masculinity

Thoreau constructs this new ideal of masculinity in order to aid society in abolishing slavery, but his texts reflect and perpetuate the racial biases that were held by society during his time.