Helping you find your voice.

Every brand has a voice that needs to be heard. But not every brand has the resources to share it. That’s where I come in.

You have unique viewpoints that will help everyone in your industry. My goal is to understand your perspective, plan the strategy that will best serve those goals, and create engaging content.

From social media management, to email campaigns, to blog posts or website content, I’ll help you build a content strategy that truly represents your brand.

What clients are saying

Katie is an amazing addition to any team. She is a strong writer (in many channels such as blogs and social), and she constantly pushes herself to think about an interesting angle while incorporating marketing best practices and innovative ideas. She is also better at taking feedback than anyone I’ve ever worked with. It’s a breath of fresh air, because you always know Katie welcomes any and all feedback, and remembers it long in the future to make everything she does consistently better. Katie is fun, interesting, a team player, and a fast learner all around. 

– Morgan Rogers, Owner of Morgan McKinsey

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Update: Forthcoming Publication

A few months ago, I was thinking about how awesome it’d be to be published in the inaugural issue of a literary magazine. The first ever issue. Today my dream came true! My poem, “Nature’s Litany,” is being published in the inaugural issue of Pomegranate Lit. Keep an eye out; I’ll be sharing the poem as soon as it’s published in July 2022!

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