freelance content marketing coordinator for hire

Every brand has a “why.” A reason behind why they do what they do. A compelling story to tell. A unique voice.

But the problem is: It’s not always easy to tell your story. That’s where I can help. From blog posts, to website content, to emails, to social media posts, I can help you create marketing content that puts your consumers first. Communicate your solutions and tell your brand’s story…without even lifting a finger.

I believe in creating content for people first—search engines second. I believe in adding value, not just adding to the noise. I’m passionate about providing error-free content that gets it right the first time.

What clients are saying

Katie is an amazing addition to any team. She is a strong writer (in many channels such as blogs and social), and she constantly pushes herself to think about an interesting angle while incorporating marketing best practices and innovative ideas. She is also better at taking feedback than anyone I’ve ever worked with. It’s a breath of fresh air, because you always know Katie welcomes any and all feedback, and remembers it long in the future to make everything she does consistently better. Katie is fun, interesting, a team player, and a fast learner all around. 

– Morgan McKinsey

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