Bare Necessities

Next time you see a bee, think of all the times they filled your belly with food. Think of what life would be like without them—think of how lifeless this place would be.

Climate Anxiety to Climate Denial

Maybe one day I will be mentally strong enough to go for that law degree, or to make a difference in some other way. Maybe one day I’ll be able to at least write one decent poem about it.

Ecocentric and Anthropocentric Environmentalism: Atwood’s Critique of Specialization

Atwood is essentially critiquing specialization, even within the realm of environmental studies.

Planting the Seeds of Connection Across Generations

Along with fostering a respect for the materials and resources in the ceramics studio, students are learning about the overlap of art and environmentalism.

Descriptive Bibliography: Canoes in the Adirondacks

Reading this bibliography, you are the paddler. You can only get so far, you can only see so much. If you want to be the loon, you’ll have to read, or better yet see, the books in person.

Thoreau’s Political Activism: The Construction of Unconventional Masculinity

Thoreau constructs this new ideal of masculinity in order to aid society in abolishing slavery, but his texts reflect and perpetuate the racial biases that were held by society during his time.