Monthly messaging plans

Knowing what you’re going to publish is key to making sure our content gets noticed by the right people at the right time. A good marketing plan will help you:

  • Know what to say, when, and where—and why it matters
  • Create more meaningful connections with customers, prospects, and partners through the right tone of voice and language
  • Avoid being spammy or annoying (and instead build trust)

After learning about your marketing goals, I’ll come up with an editorial calendar—a list of the emails, blog posts, and social media posts that we’ll publish throughout the entire month. I’ll help you decide what content you need to publish—and when—so that your business hits its goals and makes an impact on your customers.

My services include:

  • Monthly messaging plan: This is where we come up with the topics, timing, and tone for each piece of content.
  • Content research and creation: This is where I find all of the facts and figures needed to craft your message.
  • Social media and email management: This is where I create graphics, write content, and publish it using programs Hootsuite and Mailchimp.

Your marketing messaging plan is your roadmap to success. Let me lead the way.

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