My career journey

I’ve always had a passion for storytelling. After graduating with a degree in English at St. Lawrence University, I was lucky to land a role as a Content Writer at Smart Training. I was great at writing, but my manager realized that I needed to hone in on my marketing tone and voice. He told me to spend an hour every day researching and learning about marketing.

As I began learning about content marketing, my passion for telling the stories of brands continued to grow. I also learned that I love business-to-business (B2B) marketing, especially in the technology fields.

After working at Smart Training, I went on to be a Marketing & Communications Coordinator at Craig Ranch Fitness + Spa. It was here that I continued to hone in on my marketing skills. I also got to build my graphic design and social media skills, while also learning how to promote and attend in-person events and interact with guests. I learned about the importance of branding, and that every single communication needs to build the brand.

Unfortunately, Craig Ranch Fitness + Spa was bought out. I began freelance writing, and I figured I would only do so temporarily as I looked for another full-time job. Except my freelance journey took off way faster than I expected, and now here I am, still freelancing.

I provide SEO-optimized blogs, website copy, graphic designs, social media and email campaigns, and marketing strategy.

Here are some niches I’ve served:

✔️ B2B technology (specifically HR)
✔️ Healthcare technology
✔️ Insurance
✔️ Finance
✔️ Marketing
✔️ eCommerce

Recent projects

HR technology

Medical technology

Works Published


I love poetry. Explore my poems!




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